Saturday, March 21, 2009

Caliendo/Kraus Wedding

Today I had the honor to photograph Jerilynn Caliendo and Charles Kraus's wedding. The intimate ceremony was in East Stroudsburg with the reception following at Skytop Lodge.

When I met Jerilynn and Charles they both admitted to being camera shy.  I whole-heartedly understood, myself feeling the same way, so I was prepared to coax them a bit and give more direction then I usually do. As the photos will show, they did beyond OK, they had a blast!

All of these photos are them, not directed or coaxed. Jerilynn said she had never seen Charles so happy before. It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful wedding. Big thanks to Lisa for all her help, Jerilynn's dad for making sure I was doing a good job, Maureen and her staff at Skytop, and the happy couple for being so much fun. Have a great time in Acapulco!