Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Partin Family

This morning I did a photo session of  the Partin family at their home in Sparta. Lucy stole the show without a doubt. Her mom, Bethany, may have called her "hammy" to get her to smile at first but after that, it was her morning.
Lucy didn't hesitate to jump to Keith, her dad, when he asked her if she wanted to.

Then we had Race. Race was not into having his photo taken this morning. He cracked a smile a few times and I was lucky to be there. You can see what a handsome young boy he is.

The kids were pretty excited to sit on the fence, they are usually not allowed. Some may call it a smirk, but I think Race gave me a smile in that family photo below.
Keith and Bethany, thanks for the oppurtunity to photograph your gorgeous kids, hope to here from you soon.

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Anonymous said...

I have received so many compliments on your pictures, and I would recommend you to everyone. I am so thankful I have those memories captured in time.