Saturday, October 17, 2009

Imparato/deWaal Wedding 10/17

Today it was supposed to rain and snow and be downright miserable. Today, besides being a bit chilly, was a gorgeous day. It was  a simple, fun, country wedding. Laura Imparato was a knock-out and her husband, Casey deWaal, never stopped smiling the whole day. Their daughter Ayya was sweet as can be as well. I want to thank the Imparato and deWaal families, Kuperus Florist, JD Hull for the fast and fun ceremony, Caseys brother for the '41 Ford, Hotel Fauchere for the hospitality, and the best wedding cake ever was by Andre deWaal of Andres Restaurant.


Emily said...

gorgeous photos! yet again!!!

Laura Boston-Thek said...

Your work is just so inspirational!! Way to keep it fresh!!