Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blanca's Rice Pudding

People have asked about Blanca's Rice Pudding that is under my profile on this blog. Blanca is my wife's aunt who lives in Miami. Only around once a year, Blanca and Frank come up to visit and she makes the most divine, amazing, mid altering rice pudding. Let me clarify this by saying, I hate rice pudding. Never have liked it, any where, any place. This is different. I compare it to Andre's creme brulee. I am sharing some photos, and if you stop by my house, I have a small tupperware container full of some pudding...you can have a small spoonful...small.


bsy0207 said...

I will be right over, but I am bringing my own spoon and it is not so small! Happy Anniversary to you both tomorrow! Enjoy Love, Aunt Barbara

Jeanne said...

I have tasted it, and it is as amazing as he says!!! I want my small spoonful!! :-)

Grace said...

looks good Always loved rice pudding!