Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cotter/Saltamach Wedding

Cottage #6 at Skytop Lodge was the site of Paige and George's crazy wedding. There were clouds, sun, rain, wind, and fog. There were gorgeous people, great food, awesome music, and and a tent that was full of excitement and friendship. Yes, there was alot going fact it, is now Sunday and this wedding tired me out. Here are a few faves as always...

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Mother of the Bride said...

I have looked at these photos a dozen times (well maybe not a dozen) and I never realized we could leave a comment. Now that I am at my Mother's computer, here goes...Beautiful, amazing, and unbelievably awe inspiring! I've taken many photos in my time and am very good with people, you are eloquent. You make a person smile and appreciate art and the awe inspiring wonder. Thank you for the feeling you imspire in all of us.
Barbara Harwood (mother of Paige)

P.S. Can't wait for the rest to follow! Keep me