Monday, May 13, 2013

Light and Timing

I firmly believe a good photographer has to understand light. Good light, bad light and what to do with each. I also believe great photography is all about timing, legendary photographer Henri Cartier Bresson called it the "The Decisive Moment". In all photography there comes a point where it all ads up and coupled with composition and all the mathmetical aspects of shutter speed and aperture, a great photo can be made.
I was looking though some old stuff and came across these two pics. The first one by Kelly Little who works with me and the second by myself. Victoria, the bride was entering Trinity Chapel in NYC to marry Efstratios during a truly unforgettable wedding. The light in that church is horrible by most photographers standards; uneven, dark, and no where to bounce a flash if you HAD to. What did I do? I boosted the ISO and waited till she walked through that one spot light on the aisle. What did Kellly do? The same thing. Here's the thing. We didn't discuss it before hand. We thought alike and rather than a bunch of highly flashed photos with no substance they got the dramatic scene it was.
Now I'm not saying I'm HCB, in no way, I'll never be 1/2 the photographer he was, but knowing that even bad light is going to be the best light, and waiting for that moment... it's why I love being a photographer. I'm guessing it has alot to do with it for Kelly as well!

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