Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SCF&HS: Day Five

What can I say about the 4-H Cow Kids? There were smiles and tears, lots of pulling and the occiasional calf that just decided to sit down.
The there was the cupcake decorating contest. My kids entered and Jake won 1st for Best Use of Decorations, and Meredith won 2nd for Scariest, Gwen did well but din't place, no matter, they got to eat cupcakes BEFORE lunch! Then we had sleeping kids, bee demo crowds, and Photos at Five with Goats. It was awesome.


Jeanne said...

Look at that... my nephew and nieces winning cupcake competitions!! They are soooo related to me :-)

bsy0207 said...

Awesome! Great for the kids and anytime you can have cupcakes "Before Lunch" is a great thing. I'm lovin' the photo's! Aunt Barbara