Thursday, September 10, 2009

Georges/Ortiz Engagement 9/9

Carly Georges and Levi Ortiz's engagement session was a great one. Not just because Westfield is a beautiful town to shoot in, not just because the fading natural light combined with the glowing of artifical light made for gorgeous scenes, nope. It was not just because the two of them had so much fun in front of the camera, or that Levi has a great sense of humor, or that Carly is really into photography. It was a great one because we went and had a drink at the end!

Ending the night at their favorite bar was a great way to get to know each other. Just like my wife and I, music is very important to them at there wedding, so we talked about our favorites. What to play at the wedding and what not to play. Music that people CAN dance to, and music that everyone WILL dance to.

Thanks to Carly and Levi, I had a blast and my wife loved the bar photos.

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jessi love. said...

nice work, they are so beautiful! And the photography is good too!