Monday, September 21, 2009

Herzog/Koch Wedding 9/18

Friday I photographed the wedding day of Lauren Herzog and Richard Koch at Bretton Woods in Morris Plains. Lauren and her girls got ready at Bretton and then the guys showed up later. Doing all the photos before the ceremony, which was across the street, allowed everyone to party right away. Thanks to Carrie for the referral and nice to see Ida and Andres from just last month!
It was a great wedding with beautiful people, great locations, and lots of laughs!


Anonymous said...

I can not imagine any aspect of this wonderful day that could have been better!

I love my baby and my Doll-the two most radiant girls in any room.

It's difficult to find adequate words without sounding mushy!


Jordon said...
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Jordon said...

GREAT pictures Rob, you did a wonderful job!

Sandy said...

What can I say beyond extraordinary? Your magnificent photos radiate with the love and beauty that was present on that day.

Thank you for sharing the day and capturing the moments so exquisitely.