Monday, May 18, 2009

"Fiddlers Farm"

Fiddlers Farm is located in Stillwater, New Jersey. Don Sharp, 84, owns over 130 acres there and over 80 just outside of Blairstown, New Jersey. His farm hand, Jason Roof, 28, has been working alongside Don for the past ten years.

I took these, as well as others, this past Sunday and will be heading back throughout the summer to compile an essay on these two men and their hard work. 

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Alice Scheller Mainville said...

My father used to hunt woodchucks on this farm. I remember going there as a little girl, and sometimes Donald would let me try my hand at milking a cow. This was one of my favorite places. Donald lived across the street with his mother. His brother Clarence also live on the property. We would walk down the road and go fishing on the Paulinskill River. We'd also walk from Donald's up to Catfish Pond where I remember catching a lot of blue gills. Growing up in Paterson, I loved my visits to "up the country" as my Dad used to call it.